A vast source of trends & insights

Millions of people track rides, runs and walks to Strava every week with their phone or GPS device. With respect for our community’s privacy, Metro strips this dataset of identifiers and aggregates it. What is left is a vast source of trends and insights.

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Build safer communities

Understand patterns

See which paths people avoid or favor, where traffic occurs, and common origins and destinations.

Improve Safety

Identify high-risk corridors, uncover the factors that contribute to increased rider or pedestrian danger.

Evaluate projects

Get data-driven justification for urban investments and compare before and after to know what’s really working.

A 360 approach to planning

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No GIS Experience Needed

Metro’s new web platform helps partners explore trends, visualize patterns and draw insights simply and intuitively – no technical experience required.

Yet Powerful and Detailed

With dozens of analysis tools and visualizations, Metro is simply the most useful dataset for urban planners who care about cyclists and pedestrians.

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