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Our mission

Let's work together to make active transportation accessible, safe and efficient for everyone.

Metro builds products to empower urban planners, city governments, safe infrastructure advocates and academics to understand mobility patterns, identify opportunities for investment and evaluate the impact of infrastructure changes.

Cycling commuter using Strava to bike to work

Why Metro

Metro is the largest active transportation dataset on the planet.

And it’s growing every year. Our community actively contributes because they know logging their commutes is a vote for safer infrastructure.

Millions of Strava members walk, run, and ride around the world every day – to get to home or work, or to stay healthy, and upload their activities via smartphone, watch, wearable device or computer.

Total activities



Year over year


Median distance commuted per day

9 miles

Total Carbon Offset

102 Bn Lbs of CO2

Total activities



Year over year


Median distance commuted per day

4 miles

Total Carbon Offset

105M lbs of CO2

How Metro can help

Understand Patterns

Know when and where people are moving on your network

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Improve Safety

Identify high risk corridors and uncover factors that contribute.

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Evaluate Projects

Compare before and after infrastructure projects.

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“It's like having thousands of counters set up all across the city.”
– Jesica Cubillos, Planner, City of Victoria
“We have no other mechanism to collect data at this scale. It's immensely helpful for our work.”
– David Mair, Planner, City of Red Deer
“Before the [Strava] dataset there was only this word-of-mouth way to know whether cyclists were using corridors.”
– Ken Brubaker, Colorado DOT

How it works

Millions of people upload their rides and runs to Strava every week via their smartphone or GPS device. Metro aggregates and de-identifies this data and then partners with departments of transportation and city planning groups to improve infrastructure for bicyclists and pedestrians.

How it works

Find insights faster.

Use Metro’s new web platform to explore trends, visualize patterns and draw insights from mobility data – right from your browser. No GIS expertise required.

Learn more.

Strava metro dashboard showing layers and filtering capabilities

How it works

Integrate and analyze at scale in minutes.

Strava Metro data can be easily downloaded and consumed in common GIS formats that fit right into your workflow, such as shapefiles and file geodatabases.

Read more in our user guide. Ready to discuss a partnership? Contact us.

Strava Metro data used in a local GIS tool

Our partners share our mission.

We partner with like-minded organizations that plan and build infrastructure.


Monitor traffic flow, analyze origins and destinations, explore route choices and understand demographics of ridership.

Transportation advocacy group

Explore points of interest, analyze priority corridors and evaluate the impact of past projects.

Tourism departments

Understand new audiences, explore seasonal trends, evaluate the impact of campaigns and identify areas to prioritize.

Consultants & Engineers

Get detailed counts to inform traffic models, analyze intersections and explore unexpected patterns in behavior and combine data layers.


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